domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Michael Nyman Band & Hilary Summers - If

If … at the sound of wish
The summer sun would shine
And if … just a smile would do
To brush all the clouds from the sky

If … at the blink of an eye
The autumn leaves would whirl
And if … you could sigh a deep sigh
To scatter them over the earth

*I'd blink my eyes
And wave my arms
I'd wish a wish
To stop all harm

If … at the wave of a hand
The winter snows would start
And if … you could just light a candle
To change people's feelings and hearts

**I'd whisper love
In every land
To every child
Woman and man

***That's what I'd do
If my wishes would come true
That's what I'd do
If my wishes could come true

(** Repeat)
(*** Repeat)

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