sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2015


Mimmo Paladino was born in Paduli (Benevento) in 1948; he lives and works in his hometown, in Rome and in Milan. From the beginning his artistic activity has been characterized by experimentation with different media: painting, sculpture, engraving, set design, cinema. After his first conceptual works, Paladino developed an icono- graphy of archaic inspiration that merges figurative elements taken from Egyptian, Etruscan and Early Christian art, rediscovering the sacred aspect of ancient art. He displayed his works in the section Aperto'80 at the Venice Biennale, which marked the recognition of the Transavanguardia movement. Among his most emblematic works is the installation Montagna di sale made in 1990 in Gibellina, taken to Naples in 1995 and to Milan in 2011 for an exhibition at the Palazzo Reale. He has also held exhibits at the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci of Prato (2002) and at the Madre in Naples (2007). In 2013 he held an exhibit at Villa Rufolo in Ravello (SA).

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