quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2016

The Smile and The Silence !!!

The Smile and The Silence

They were an extraordinary team!
Silence and Smile!
But which came first?
Perhaps a proverb may help...

Silence precedes the desire to speak, just like the first step precedes the long journey.

Silence was always feeling blocked, he had so much to say! And when he finally decided to say what was on his mind, you know what happened? He couldn’t speak!

Smile didn’t know what was going on around him, and he didn’t know how to express himself, so he just smiled! But he knew that a smile comes before laughter and the understanding of the world!

So he decided to tell a story:

“A long time ago, people didn’t know what heaven was! So as the sun was setting and darkness fell, they would run away and seek a place to hide from the night!”

As time went by, they realized that by closing their eyes they could protect themselves!
Some of them realized that the night could take them to better places, and this is when dreams started!!
Some others would get lost inside themselves, and this is how nightmares began!!

Everyone would follow their star path. And little by little, tiny particles of light became huge constellations!

And the original individual journey was transformed into a joyous adventure that we now call Humanity!!!

If some see the silence as a lack of sounds, others may view it as a gift to better understand their fellow neighbors, and continue to shape and construct a better world !!

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