segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011


Art therapy

I would like to thank all of you for the beautiful comments and all the emails!  I never expected such a beautiful reaction to my work. It makes me so happy and gives me wings!  This is exactly what I want to give back to my audience...a huge smile!  I want to make people happy when they look at my paintings, to forget their every day troubles, even for a few minutes, to transport them to a different world :)
We need to smile more :))
I want to share a story with you.. A few years ago, when I first moved here, in Athens, Greece, I taught adult art classes. I was very nervous, because it was in a new environment, my Greek is very good, but when it comes to art language I struggle... I ended up teaching that class in half greek, half english  lol!  My students would just smile when I would do that. 
Anyway, the class was a group of five women, and from the very first class we just clicked!  Have you ever had this experience? Where you meet someone and immediately know that this person will change your life somehow?!   We formed this amazing bond, poured our hearts out to each other, shared intimate stories. We did art and therapy at the same time!! what was said in the classroom, stayed in the classroom :)  They called our sessions, art therapy and told me how I inspired them to open up as artists and as women!  The truth is, that they were the ones inspiring me!  like you all are, right now!!  I feel like I'm on top of the world!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart:))

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